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S/Y AlliePosted by S/Y Allie Tue, March 29, 2011 00:50:42
March 17, 2011 – March 28, 2011New crew!

Who: Joe and Amber

From: The United States

We signed on to head North aboard S/V Allie........funny because we wanted to go South and Sven, Emil & Johan convinced us to go North while having a fun time at a reggae party!!! We made it aboard with all of our baggage...too much for sailing around in the Caribbean because we are just beginning a year journey around the world. We left Dominica heading to Les Saintes, French Islands just North of Dominica. Picturesque sailing and an exciting day for all on board as we had not sailed in a while and I think that the Swedes appreciated a breath of fresh air on board. Les Saintes was a picturesque harbor and beautifully maintained as well as Free to enter! We purchased some awesome cheese, wine and fresh baguettes and had a nice dinner back on the boat. After Les Saintes we went to a small island across the bay from where we had anchored and snorkeled. Joe got an octopus and we experimented with cooking such a strange creature. Tasty and VERY Chewy!

From there we went to Pigeon Caye arrived at night so we had to moor on a buoy....so cool because we were the only boat anchored in that particular spot. Joe insisted on going night snorkeling to see what he could find for dinner.......can you say LOBSTER! Delicious dinner and I think a nice way for us impress our new friends. We left there to go to Guadeloupe, we went ashore and as it was now Sunday, everything was closed. We called it an early night and vowed to wake up early to try and get to town so we could see some sights. We were successful at waking up at a decent time and somehow managed to get the last car in the port of Daishes. We drove to Le Souifree (really high volcano) and proceeded to hike to the top of this active mountain. It was a long hike to the top but we were entertained by all of the French people stopping and staring at Johan, Emil & Sven and there bare feet. I am not sure I have ever heard of anyone hiking to the top of an active Volcano with out shoes but they did. At the top we had a nice picnic with more good cheese and baguettes! Once back at the base there was a small hot spring where we all took a relaxing dip! (Picture on main page). After the volcano we headed over to the main town Basse Terre and hiked at the old Fort. It was so nice because they gave each of us a color copy of the map of the Fort with the entire tour in English, again no cost to get in! After some provisioning and a long day we end up back on the boat so we can night sail over to Antigua. Night sail was amazing and at sunrise we had a perfect start to the day.....Joe was on his shift and there were dolphins off the port side of the yacht, Monsterrat off to the port side as well and then whales off in the horizon. We sailed into English Harbor, Antigua and checked into the historical Nelson's Dockyard. So beautifully preserved, like a quaint little harbor village from back in the 1700`s. Short time ashore as Johan had to get back to the boat to pack for his morning departure. After Johan left we slowed the travel pace way down. We are still currently in Antigua and just hopping from Harbor to Harbor and enjoying all of the beautiful beaches that Antigua has to offer, including Deep Harbor and the perfect moon shaped beach. We are still living off the sea with whatever Joe manages to spearfish and enjoying sharing all kinds of recipes with each other. Last night we enjoyed freshly grated coconut cookies (Grandma Helen`s recipe). They were amazing and we all went to bed with full bellies. Today we sailed to St. John harbor so that we could provision at a larger grocery store, we didn't realize that we would have to hike 2 miles to get there. I think we bought the whole store, including the alcohol department! Once we got back to the boat and unloaded all of the groceries we enjoyed a rum punch and some lunch and headed to Dickenson Bay. The bay is ideallic and we have FREE internet access. So hence the blog update............. that`s all for now but I am sure there will be more to come!